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About Us

Love Shooting Mallorca
We love Love

Love is the invisible thread that runs through all our works. Whether it's the tender touch of two hands, a mischievous smile or a passionate kiss - it's love that drives us to capture these precious moments.

When we get behind our cameras, it's not just an act of capturing a moment - it's an invitation to tell a story, to co-capture the moments, emotions and the indescribable beauty of Mallorca.

Each image reflects an emotion, a story and a memory that will last forever.

Our history

We set foot on Mallorca for the first time ten years ago and immediately fell in love with this Mediterranean paradise.

Year after year we returned, our cameras always ready to capture moments with friends and like-minded people. Our deep bond with the island eventually led us to purchase a charming finca. Mallorca has thus not only become our favorite travel destination, but also our second home.

Here, between the picturesque beaches and lush green hills, we share our passion for photography with loving pictures.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Mallorca through our pictures and stories and hope that you will be as enchanted as we have been since our first visit.

Maria & Pi


Shooting impressions



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